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Foshan Yuen Gen Plastic Extrusion machinery Factory established in 2009 located at the machinery production Chain base-Nanhai,Foshan.

We are one of the TOP5 company dedicated in R&D and producing small plastic extruders. Cover a area of 6000 m2 we are able to provide 100% on-site sample test to you . Here been more than 10 small factories grown up to be public company with our extrusion product line . Want to be one of them ? Contact with us now!

Customized is our Speciality.

We can design the Produce Line based on your workshop layout .
We can improve produce process according your budget.
We can design the mould for your customized products
We can design the machine for special function too

Maybe we are not the biggest ,

Maybe we are not the longest ,

But we are the closest one who following your needs.

We are Sepecially good at the Following Extrusion:

Tracheal Endotracheal intubation extruder

Tracheal Endotracheal intubation extruder

Precision : ±0.02mm.

Standard Industrial tube extruder

Standard Industrial tube extruder

This is the most mature products in our company, we can produce the diameter from 5mm to 850mm

Teflon Plastic pipe extruder

Teflon Plastic pipe extruder

Help More than 10 company grow up to be public company with our Telfon FEP PFA tube extrusion machine

3D printer supplies extruder

3D printer supplies extruder

We've improved the 3D supplies extrusion to be low cost, high quantity, smooth thread,and stable tolerance

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What you should do ?

Contact with us Now, We will guide you step by step!

No need to worry about the price, we have most competitive!

What we can do for you ?

Free Specimen Produce

Provider us what you need, or send samples and materials to us, we will produce your sample for free.

Customized Design-Turn Key ability

We can design the product line based on your workshop layout .

We can design the modules for your customized products

We can design the machine for special function too

Affordable Price

We never quote high price then ask negotiation or quote lower price then add extra money with our professional and experienced team .Choose us, you can save time and energy to source around ..

Rapid Delivery

With our mature supply chain and practised engineers ,we can send you the machines asap.

On-site sales-after Training

Usually to can train you well remotely. But if you need our engineer with you on-site, they will be there

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